BYP Network, described by many as “LinkedIn for black professionals” helps to connect ambitious future leaders for networking purposes and with corporations for job opportunities. The idea of BYP Network came after Kike studied abroad and met talented black students, who faced similar challenges to those in the UK. Our mission is to ‘change the black narrative’ by bringing together like-minded individuals to collaborate on ideas and to progress within the workforce. With a total of £200,000 invested into BYP Network, we’ve been backed by Sky Corporation, New Entrepreneurs Foundation and more. 

Unlike anything seen before, we tackle the whole journey from grassroots to senior managers by providing a growth pipeline that focuses on mentorship, peer collaborations and career development. We also offer events, recruitment and social outreach. As part of our offering we have a job board, host leadership conferences and have an MVP app currently downloaded in 65 countries. In Spring 2019, we'll be releasing our new app that brings together Black/BAME networks to ensure that professionals have direct access to support, community and opportunity.


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