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BYP Network

BYP Network is on a mission to advance the careers of millions of Black professionals. Through our AI-powered platform 'Javelin', we connect Black professionals to personalised career opportunities such as jobs, mentorship, events & content based on their career goals. Whilst employers attract, retain, and engage Black talent by gaining shortlisted candidates and amplifying their employer brand.

BYP Network was created in 2016 by the need to connect Black professionals and students from all over the world for role model visibility, career opportunities and business support. As a former Great Britain athlete and top student, Kike Oniwinde Agoro was afforded many opportunities during the start of her career journey, including a full scholarship to the University of Florida. She met some incredible people there, including Black students and professionals across different backgrounds, however it dawned on her that there wasn’t much Black representation outside of sports and entertainment. On top of being one of only a few Black people in her banking internship, the 2016 Black Lives Matter protests further highlighted to her the need to not just protest the problem, but deliver a solution. And so she was motivated to build an empowering platform that works with corporate partners to diversify acquisition pipelines and drive positive change across all industries.

BYP Network has a mission to advance the careers of millions of Black professionals through our new platform, Javelin. We are a connector. We connect our members to one another, job opportunities, mentors, and thought-leadership content. We measure impact by how many connections we have been able to facilitate, how many people attended our courses/ webinars, how many leads/CVs we have sent to our corporate partners. We also measure impact by our reach. How many people have watched our events/masterclasses online, how many people have read our insightful blogs or downloaded our recent race report. Some example statistics below:

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  • We have sent over 11,000 Black professionals CV/Contact information to our corporate partners for job opportunities

  • 22,500 job applications/interested candidates have gone through our platform

  • We have up-skilled over 25,000 members through our conferences, events and webinars

  • we have connected over 200 mentor/mentee matches

  • We have a 9.6 NPS Score

  • Over 1,000 organisations have used our job board

  • We host over 50 webinars a year

  • We are located in 10 cities around the world including Dubai, Lagos, Atlanta and New York

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BYP Network facilitates employment, mentoring, networking and up-skilling for our members whilst working with start-ups through to large corporations such as Accenture, Facebook and Depop. With a focus on recruitment, retention and reputation through our job board, shortlisting of candidates, webinars and connections to Black/BAME internal networks to help mobilise change. BYP Network helps organisations with their DEI goals by attracting, retaining and engaging Black talent. We do this by helping clients position themselves as employer of choice through brand visibility, mentoring programmes, talent acquisition and educational training programmes. Through our new platform, Javelin, we will directly match our members to opportunities with our partner firms.

Companies We Work With

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